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Great Britannian Meat Out!
March 16, 2002 by Kazola

Hear ye, hear ye! I received this from Desdemona:

Fine ladies and gentlemen of Britannia, and rogues as well!

The fine proprietor of Kazola's Tavern has agreed to allow me to hold a small event in conjunction with the Happy Hour of March 20th. This event is the Great Britannian Meat Out! Basically, I'll be promoting the idea that eating meat is a grand idea for dragons, but not so for humans, orcs, and others of the civilized races.

I've arranged with Kazola to provide food for the evening, food that will not involve the sacrifice of animals or fish. Also, I shall be providing cookbooks with exotic ingredients for the cooks amongst us. In addition, if provoked into doing so, I shall share my views on living a life without harming animals... and the appropriateness of beginning anew so close to the Vernal Equinox.

Blessed be!
-- the druid Desdemona

(Note: this is being held on the same date as the "overworld's" Great American Meat Out which I support, and the cookbooks accordingly have recipes to be used in that world. To learn more, visit FARM.)

I'd like to take this chance to welcome Desdemona back into the worlds of Britannia. It's great to have you back! :)

History Section Now Open!
March 16, 2002 by Kazola

I'm pleased to announce that the History section is now open! In here you can find stories of the Tavern's past, supplied by myself and many of the Tavern's patrons.

While I will try to post as many stories as I can, many of the Tavern's tales can best be told by its loyal patrons. If you have a story you'd like to share, and/or any pictures of past events, please send them to me or post them to the Tavern Talk board, and I will post them there.

Wednesday Night Happenings
March 16, 2002 by Kazola

It was quite an exciting night at the Tavern this past Wednesday eve, with its biggest turnout yet since its reopening! An assassination and an orc invasion were only part of the evening's events.

The Temple of Mondain's members visited yet again, and chilled the Tavern with their presence. When they noticed a young woman named Jasmine also at the Tavern, angry words broke out between ToM and Jasmine and her protectors.

It seems Jasmine discovered the missing half of the Gem of Souls that XTerra (Mordain's former wife) had thrown into the river. Mordain sorely wants this half back so that he can reform the Gem and continue his quest for power. Jasmine, however, refuses to return it. Mordain was quite angry at her refusal, and stated only his respect for the Tavern rules kept him from slaying her on the spot.

It would seem, however, that the Temple of Mondain sees no wrong in sending secret assassins to the Tavern. As the ToM members were preparing to leave, an unknown man rushed into the Tavern, taking everyone inside by surprise. Before anyone realized what was happening, this unknown assailant killed Jasmine, and took off, with Dovolick from Order House Stonesoul chasing after him. We learned later that this unknown assailant was actually a member of ToM in disguise, and in fact a Gurtha Fea, one of Mordain's elite personal guards.

After much confusion, things settled down, and Jasmine was successfully brought back to life with no visible harm done. She gladly accepted one of Kazola's fine ales, and rested with her friends closely guarding her and the Gem which was still in her possession.

For more detailed news of Jasmine's story, the Gem, and those who seek it, please see the Daily Herald.

But that was not all! Soon after ToM had left, a group of Orcs of Bloodrock Clan invaded the Tavern, demanding Kazola's ale as tribute and alarming everyone inside. Kazola quickly set out several pitchers, which pleased the Orcs tremendously. The Orcs then proceeded to drink themselves silly, yelling out their approval, and even performed the rare mating ritual right in the Tavern's library! Those in the Tavern were guardedly amused by all of this, and were quite relieved when the Orcs left.

Some newcomers to the Tavern then asked to hear the story of its origin, which Kazola gladly shared. You can also find this story in our History section.

Make sure to come to next week's Happy Hour, as we will have a special event hosted by one of Yew's most famous druids!

Tavern Talk is open!
March 10, 2002 by Kazola

What is Tavern Talk, you ask? It's our new bulletin board, courtesy of EZBoards! Please visit and post away! Those who register and post regularly will receive a spiffy unique title of their choosing as well!

New Content Added!
March 9, 2002 by Kazola

New stuff has been added!

A map to the tavern is now available in the Location section!

Check out "About" for a FAQ in progress! If there are any questions you'd like to see answered, please e-mail me and let me know!

Wednesday's Happy Hour
March 7, 2002 by Kazola

Wednesday's Happy Hour was a rousing success! Many decided to come early, as they couldn't wait to partake of Kazola's free famous ale. Most astonishing was a surprise visit from the ghost of Tal'Mah'Rah, the former leader of the Temple of Mondain, seeking news of the lands and his Temple. He told the story of Mordain's introduction to the Temple of Mondain, and Mordain himself told the story of Mondain and how he obtained the Gem of Immortality.

The evening soon became much less foreboding, as the tavern guests decided to play a round of Strip Darts! Congratulations to Captain Carmike, who survived the evening with most of his clothes intact!

We then had a surprise visit from Ramirez of ToM, its newest initiate. Wei Lao Wei and Athelstan spent a good amount of time querying him about his father and his past.

More fun is sure to happen next Wednesday, so don't miss out!

March 3, 2002 by Kazola

Well, I never thought I would do it, but I have! I've created my first website. You might be asking, "First? You already had a website!" That's true, but I did not create that one. Colban mormr Yew, the original cook for the Tavern, did. In fact, that's how I met him! He started visiting the Tavern in its earliest days (even before it was blessed!) and expressed his desires to create a webpage for the Tavern. I was flattered; this was something I had been wanting to do, but did not have the knowledge to do so. I quickly gave my permission, and within a few days, the original Tavern website was up and running!

Unfortunately, the tavern website never was updated very often; since I had no idea on how to update the site myself, I depended on Colban's aid in adding additional content. While it has provided helpful information in the past, the time has come to update it drastically.

So, here's the new look. At first, you won't see too much here, but in the next few weeks that will change. As the tavern begins to pick up in business, more and more events will happen, and new memories will be made.

First of all, we will, of course, be updating this main page with the latest news of what's happening at the tavern. You may even see some general UO news, or mention of other Great Lakes events. If you think something should be posted here, please, send me an e-mail (click on my name under Welcome! to send it).

Clicking "Events" will show you the current and future events happening at and around the tavern. Right now, we only have one event (the weekly Wednesday Happy Hour) but expect to see more in the near future! (Rumors abound that we may see a special spring festival soon!)

"Tavern Talk" will lead you to a message board, where you can post your messages to your fellow tavern patrons. This isn't implemented yet, but hopefully will be soon. I'm not sure yet whether we'll be using a free board service, or whether we can get one hosted here at

"Memories" is a section that I hope will be updated often. This part of the site depends on YOU, the faithful and loyal patrons of the Tavern. The Tavern has a rich history in its four years; please send me your memories of the Tavern and I will post them in this section. This can include quests you've participated in, a memorable night drinking ale with friends, the history of your characters or other significant events in the Tavern's history!

"Staff" will show you the current staff of the Tavern. Right now, that's just me, but expect others to be listed there soon as well. If you'd like to be a part of the Tavern Staff, please let me know!

"Links" will show you links leading to other popular Great Lakes sites, general UO sites, and any others that may be of interest.

Well, that's enough for now - must get back to work on the site! :) Please send your comments, submissions, etc. to me by clicking my name at the beginning of this post.


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